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Supporting change for individuals

Coaching in Paris, Montreuil and online

quote left I believe in the human being, his/her strengths, talents and inner resources. I firmly believe that we all possess the means necessary to ‘take our foot off the break’ and meet our goals. These treasures are just waiting to be found. quote right

You are at a point in your life when you feel that the need for change is becoming overwhelming. Changing jobs, changing cities, countries, continents, changing your life, daring to separate, etc. The will is there but so are the fears and doubts. Coaching will provide you with:

It all depends on YOU. I tailor and adjust every session according to what is happening to you at time “T”.

Sessions take place in Paris and in Montreuil (93) as well as online.

What is your situation?

I’m trying to rebuild a new life for myself, working on bouncing back.

I need to reconsider my situation, assess the different change and reconversion options.

I need to decide between 2 options. One single session should do the job.

A few examples of issues I provided coaching support for




one’s self-confidence



to start one’s own company


one’s private life after a painful separation



How does an individual and tailor-made life-changing coaching project work?

Book your first session
It’s simple, free and non-binding!
  1. Book your preferred time and date directly on the website to have an initial interview which can be held either online or over the telephone.
  2. We get to know each other a little and see if we connect, ensuring contact is easy between us. Trust and a good relationship between us are essential to ensure the successful outcome of the coaching sessions. We will talk about: your situation, your project, your needs and the coaching methods.
Interested? I’m pleased to hear it!
We agree on a contract. It will be our guiding line and includes:
  1. The goal you wish to achieve as well as the elements that will enable you to measure how far you have progressed.
  2. The details regarding the coaching sessions (held online, in Paris or in Montreuil, number of sessions, tariff, payment terms and conditions, etc.).
As sessions take place
  1. Whether it be online or face-to-face, sessions will take place every two weeks. SShould your needs to progress and reflect require it, sessions can be brought forward or delayed.
  2. At the beginning of each session, we review the current situation in relation to the desired goal you wish to achieve. We analyse the victories as well as the difficult situations and define an area to work on during the session. Each session is adjusted to your stage of progression and you may be given a task to complete between two sessions.
It's your turn now !
Completion and spreading your wings
  1. Once the agreed number of sessions has been completed, we assess the sutuation: where you started off from, how far you have come and where you are now.
  2. You have spread your wings and fly on your own with the solutions you came up with over the past few weeks. Coaching aims to make you autonomous so you should no longer need my help.
It's your turn now !

Booking an appointment online

Here, you can book your chosen time and date to have an initial interview with Ines Obersteiner, your coach in Paris and online.

It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s free.

If you prefer the telephone to book an appointment, no problem, go ahead and call me!

Shall we?celerony-img3.jpg


OberYou – Coaching & Facilitation
Ines Obersteiner

- Or write to me

[contact_form to="contact@oberyou.com" subject="Contact from OberYou Individuals"]

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